Beetroots and smoked mackerel

Fillet and debone the mackerel. Apply salt to the fillets and let lightly cure for ten minues. This forms a sticky pellicle to which smoke can adhere. Place tin foil on the base of a pan. Add wood chips or rice, and heat until it starts to smoke. Suspend the mackerel fillets over the smoke using a sheet of foil with holes poked in it. Cover and smoke for 20 mins, until the fish is cooked. Flake fish, and mix with creme fraiche.

Serve with cooked beetroot.

Turkish red lentil soup

Soften carrots and onion in olive oil for 7 mins. Add garlic and courgette, cook for 3 mins. Add tomato paste and spices. Stir for 1 min. Add chicken stock. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 mins. Roughly blend with a stick blender. Add lemon juice before serving.

Chicken liver pate

This needs to be made ahead, making it a good starter for a dinner party. Pates need fat in them for the texture. Duck and geese store fat in their livers. Chickens don’t, so we need to add it in the form of butter ourselves.

Slowly fry shallots and garlic for 10 mins. Turn heat up, add livers and sage and brown them. They should be still pink inside. Blend with 150g softened butter. Transfer to serving dish. Clarify the rest of the butter by heating it till it splits. Pour the clear liquid onto the pate. Discard the milk solids. Press a sage leaf into the butter to make it look nice and chill until ready to serve.

Serve with sourdough, sea salt and honey.

Puff-pastry tarts

These are easy to put together for starters or side dishes.


Roll pastry out, score it 1cm from the edge. Add topping and bake at 180C for 20-30 mins

Chicory, stilton and walnut salad

Wash chicory and separate leaves. Add chopped walnuts and pieces of stilton. Serve with a viniagrette with honey in it.