Curing: Bacon

Mix up the cure. Sprinkle cure over the pork, place in a large ziplock with any remaining cure. Cure for 5 days, pouring off any liquid that accumulates.

Rinse off existing cure, let dry uncovered in the fridge.

Making cheese: Labneh

Mix 1 tsp salt into 500ml greek yoghurt. Put mix in a sieve over a deep bowl and rest at room temp for 12-24h. Bowl should be deep enough that the drained liquid doesn’t touch the yoghurt mixture.

Serve this in the fridge and use it as you would soft goats cheese. Alternatively, roll it into little balls and store under olive oil.

Baking: Bread

Mix ingredients together, let rest for 12-24h at room temp. Form into a loaf shape and rest on a baking sheet for 2h. Heat an oven to 250C fan, and heat a cast iron pan with a lid. When hot, put the loaf into the pan, cover with the lid and bake for 40 mins, removing the lid after 20 mins.