Chicken stock (brown)

Roast carcas and offcuts at 220C for 30 mins. Add chicken to the rest of ingredients and simmer for 2h.


Gravy makes use of the fond left over from roasting meat. Pour most of the fat off the roasting tin, add a tablespoon of plain flour and stir it into the fat. Slowly add 500ml stock, stiring constantly to stop lumps forming. I always forget to add it slowly. If you do you can whisk them in, try and incorporate them with a hand blender or sieve them out, depending on how you’re feeling.

Side note: if you have a liquid you want to thicken with flour you can use beurre monte - mash butter and flour together with a fork and whisk that mix in. The fat helps dispersion and reduces lumps.

## Salsa verde

Essential ingredients:

Optional ingredients:

Prepare with a knife and chopping board. Finely chop solid ingredients. Roughly pick parsley leaves and chop them too. Add chopped ingredients to a bowl, add vinegar. Add enough oil to give it a spoonable texture, around 6 tbsp.



Fun extras:

Mix all ingredients. Viniagrette is an unstable emulsion and will split. Re-whisk it before use. Don’t dress salad too early as it wilts leaves. Scale as needed.