Main courses

Roast chicken

Butterfly a chicken. Salt the skin and let rest for 45 mins in the fridge if you have time. Roast at 240C for 45 mins.


Notes on pasta


Cooked vegetables

Some ideas:

Slow roasted lamb shoulder

Season and brown the shoulder all over. Remove lamb from pan, add the onions and cook them down for a couple of mins. Add the anchovies, garlic and herbs. Return lamb to pan, cover and roast for 4 hours at 140C.

Ideas for a crab

Kill, cook and pick a crab. Find a youtube video to teach you how to do this, it’s easiest to learn by watching. When picked, you should have a bowl of white meat and a bowl of brown meat. White meat has nice texture, brown meat has nice flavour. Crab meat frezes well so it can be fun to cook a couple at a time and freeze the meat for later use.